Sermon Bible Study Guides

Philippians (Whole Book) - August 4th 2017

Joyful Obedience for Christ's Sake


Skim - quickly read over the whole passage/chapter and try to observe the main emphasis.


Skim Chapter 1

  1. How would you describe Paul’s tone in the first chapter of this letter?
  2. What is the most important thing to Paul? (note specific verses to answer this)
  3. What does Paul want to encourage in the lives of the church in Philippi? (look at his prayer(s) as well as his instructions)

Skim Chapter 2

  1. What does true humility look like? (make note of different examples that Paul gives)
  2. How does the gospel help us grow in humility?
  3. What is the result of humility?

Skim Chapter 3

  1. What is the great treasure and goal of the Christian life?
  2. How can we press on in the Christian life?
    1. What connection is there between the way we think and act?
  3. Who are some men/women in our church that you (do/should) imitate? (Consider asking someone to begin imitating if you are not already doing so, meet with them, ask them questions…)

Skim Chapter 4

  1. What practical applications does Paul give for standing firm in the Lord? (Look at the whole chapter!)
  2. Where does true contentment come from?
    1. On a scale of 1-10 how content are you?  
    2. How do we learn to be content?
  3. What role does money play in your life? How can it be stewarded to the glory of God?


  1. What themes are present throughout the book?
  2. What is one thing you want to apply to your life from the book of Philippians?

Pray for Covenant Hope in light of our series in Philippians.

Philippians 4:10-20 - July 28th 2017

Our Giving: An Offering to God


Read v. 10-13

  1. Why does Paul rejoice in the Lord greatly?
  2. Why were they concerned for Paul? What needs did Paul have?
    1. Where is Paul at this moment in time?
  3. What secret has Paul learned from this situation?
  4. What are the “all things” that Paul can do?



  1. Are you content (scale of 1-10 where are you)? Where are we tempted to search for contentment?
  2. Where should we seek contentment and how do we do that?


Read v. 14-20

  1. How would you describe the Philippians response to Paul’s trouble/need? (ongoing partnership/support)
  2. What is Paul’s greatest priority in it all?
  3. How does Paul describe their financial gift before God?
  4. What promise does Paul make to them? (v. 19)
    1. What does it say?
    2. What does it mean?
    3. What doesn’t it mean?



  1. How do you view giving to the Lord?
  2. How can we as a church and individuals apply the truths of this text?
  3. What confidence does v. 19 give us?