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Genesis 3:1-24 - April 13th 2018

the Fall

Read Genesis 3:1-6

  1. Who is introduced in v.1 and what does he do?
  2. What does his question imply and what does it seem to suggest?
  3. Who responds and how? Why is this significant?
    1. Where is the Adam?
  4. What does the serpent say and what effect does it have on the woman and man?
  5. What was God's designed order for the world and what happened to it?


  1. What do we learn about temptation?
  2. How does the devil seek to tempt us?
  3. How can we fight temptation?

Read Genesis 3:7-24

  1. Working through this whole section - what are the consequences of sin?
    1. Consider in terms of relationships.
    2. Consider in terms of our role(s).
    3. Consider in terms of the world we live in.
  2. How do the man and woman explain themselves?
    1. What does this show?
  3. What signs of mercy and grace are given, even within the context of God's judgment? How is this fulfilled in the story of the Bible? 


  1. What does this whole chapter teach us about the world we live in?
  2. How should the consequences of sin cause us to think, feel, act?
  3. What is the solution to the fall? How can it's consequences be reversed?

Genesis 2:4-25 -- April 6th 2018

Living as God’s Appointed Ruler

Read Genesis 2:4-17

  1. How was the earth cared for initially? What reason does Moses give as to why God cares for it this way?
  2. How does God create man?
  3. How is the Garden described in this passage? What stands out about the description the Garden?
  4. Why does God place man in the Garden?


  1. What does this teach about the responsibilities of humanity in the world?
  2. What does this teach about man’s relationship to God?
  3. How should this affect the way we view creation? Our day-to-day lives?
  4. The New Testament teaches that Jesus is a new Adam. How does this passage help explain that idea?

Read Genesis 2:18-25

  1. What statement does God make about man?
  2. What did Adam do with all the creatures of the earth? What does this say about his relationship to them?
  3. How does God create a helper fit for him?
  4. How does the man respond to the gift of the woman?
  5. What significance does Moses draw at the end of this passage?


  1. Why (according to the text) were none of the animals sufficient helpers for the man?
  2. What does it mean that the woman is provided as a helper?
  3. What does the man’s response to the woman teach us?
  4. How does this passage apply to how we think about marriage? Why is the direction of leaving the man leaving his father and mother?
  5. How does this passage apply to those who are not married?
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