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Colossians 4:12 - May 4th 2018

Wrestling in Prayer

Read all of Colossians (sermon will be on 4:12)

  1. Who is Epaphras? (according to this verse... do you know anything more about him?)
    1. What does it mean that he's one of you?
    2. What does it mean he's a servant of Christ Jesus?
  2. What does Epaphras do? 
  3. How does he do it?
    1. What does it mean to "struggle in prayer"?
    2. How is it on their behalf?
  4. What does he pray for and what does it mean?
    1. What does it mean to "stand mature"?
    2. What does it mean to be "fully assured in the will of God"?
  5. How does being a servant of Christ Jesus relate to our prayer? Specifically for one another?


  1. How might we learn from Epaphras' example?
  2. Would you describe your prayer life as "struggling on others behalf"?
  3. Pray for some members of the church to stand mature and fully assured in all God's will. (Use the directory and pray for a page)
  4. Consider how this passage relates to the gospel. How might we forget the gospel when reflecting on a passage like this?

Genesis 5:1-32 - April 27th 2018

From Adam to Noah

Read Genesis 5:1-32

  1. What is this passage?
  2. How does this section start? What previous passage is it referring to?
  3. What is the significance of starting the genealogy this way?
  4. What statement occurs most often in this passage? What does the repetition teach us?
  5. What is the exception to this statement? Why did it occur?
  6. Why was Noah named Noah? What hope was Lamech expressing? What is this referring to?


  1. Summarize the different truths about humanity that this passage teaches.
  2. Why are these truths that matter for our lives today?
  3. What encouragement should we find from this text?
  4. How does this teach us to think about rest?


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