Sermon Bible Study Guides

in Jude

Jude- March 2nd 2018

Contending for the Faith

Read Jude 1-16

  1. Who is Jude, according to his introduction?
  2. What did he want to write about?
    1. What is he writing about instead, and why?
  3. What kind of people does he want to warn against?
    1. How would you summarize the images and stories he uses to describe these people?
  4. What will happen to those people who are perverting the grace of God?
    1. How are the perverting the grace of God?
  5. Why does Jude want his readers to be reminded of this?


  1. What can we learn from the contrast between what Jude wanted to write about and what he ended up writing about?
  2. How are the wicked people distorting the gospel? What warning is there for us?
  3. What do the descriptions of these wicked people teach us about how we should think of those who corrupt the gospel? How should or shouldn’t we interact with such people?

Read Jude 17-25

  1. What does Jude want his readers to remember? Why?
  2. How does he encourage them to treat those who are confused by these distorters of the grace of God?
  3. Where does he want them to place their confidence?


  1. How should we then respond to the reality of ungodly people who claim to follow Jesus?
  2. How should we respond to those who doubt because of these kinds of people?
  3. Overall, how should this letter shape the way we think about the Christian life?

Philemon - February 23rd 2018

God’s Reconciling Power

Read Philemon 1-7

  1. Who does Paul address this letter to?
  2. How does Paul greet them?
  3. What does he do in his prayers?
    1. What does he rejoice in?
  4. Who are ‘all the saints’?
    1. What does he prayer for?
  5. Who in particular is he speaking to when he describes his prayer?


  1. What is modeled for us in Paul’s prayer in terms of our attitude towards other Christians?
  2. What does this teach us about the effects of our care towards fellow Christians?

Read Philemon 8-23

  1. Why does Paul appeal to Philemon, rather than command him (v8,9, 14)?
  2. What is the appeal he makes? What does he want Philemon to do?
  3. Why does there seem to be conflict between Philemon and Onesimus?
  4. How does Paul use his relationship with Philemon in this situation? What does he hope for from Philemon?
  5. Why do you think he mentions preparing a guest room?
  6. What does the grace of Christ (v3, 25) have to do with the message of the book itself?


  1. What can we learn about the sort of obedience the Lord wants from us from this passage?
  2. How does our relationship with Christ affect our relationships with other Christians?
    1. What did this look like in Philemon’s life?
    2. How could this look in your life?

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