Sermon Bible Study Guides

Psalm 19 - November 24th, 2017

The Law of the Lord is Perfect

Read Psalm 19

Verses 1-6:

  1. What does this section talk about?
  2. What do the heavens do? How often do they do this?

Verses 7-11:

  1. What does this section talk about?
  2. What does the Law do, according to this passage?
  3. How does this passage teach us to think and feel about Scripture?
  4. What is the relationship between the topic in this section and the previous section?

Verses 12-14:

  1. What is the psalmist’s response to this meditation? What does he ask God for?
  2. Why is this his response?
  3. How can God declare him innocent of hidden faults that he actually has?
  4. How can God keep him from sin having dominion over him?
  5. How does the psalmist describe God?


  1. Why does it matter that the heavens declare God’s glory?
  2. How should we think of God’s Law? How should we use it, according to this psalm?
  3. How can our words and thoughts be acceptable in God’s sight? What should they look/sound like, in order to be pleasing to him?

Psalm 1 - November 17th, 2017

The Way of the Righteous and the Wicked

Read Psalm 1

v. 1-2

  1. What two ways of living are contrasted? (think about how they are described as well as what they do)
  2. What are the verbs are used to describe these two ways of living and what is the significance?

v. 3-4

  1. What do the similes (things he compares them to) illustrate about the blessed man and the wicked?
    1. Discuss each part carefully, then consider the big picture.

v. 5-6

  1. What is the outcome of the two ways of living and why?

Whole Psalm

  1. Summarize the teaching about the blessed man’s life.
  2. Summarize the teaching about the wicked man’s life.



  1. What do you delight in and meditate on? (what captures a lot of your thought life?)
  2. What guides and leads your life? (how do you make decisions?)
  3. How does someone grow in delighting in God’s word? How can we help each other to do so? What does it mean to meditate on God’s word? Do you do that?
  4. How does Christ fulfill Psalm 1?

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