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in 2 John

2 John - September 15th 2017

Be careful to walk in truth and love.


Read 2 John v. 1-6

  1. Who is the author writing to and how does he feel about them? (Hint: Who or what is the elect lady?)
  2. Why does he feel that way about them? Who else feels this way about them?
  3. What is the author's main request and what does that look like? (What is the connection between truth and love?)


  1. What does walking in God’s commands look like practically? (Discuss this for sometime, then, read the Church Covenant which summarizes a lot of God’s commands for how we are to love one another)
  2. How could you grow in loving the members of Covenant Hope Church.


Read 2 John v. 7-13

  1. Why does John feel the need to ask them to walk in God’s commands?
  2. How should they treat those who don’t abide in the teaching of Christ? Why? What will their outcome be?
  3. Since this is addressed to a group (elect lady and her children) what does this imply that all members of the group should know?


  1. In what ways do we either support or not support teachers as a church? As individuals?

Habakkuk 3:1-19 - September 8th 2017

Praising God for his justice

Read Habakkuk 3:1-16

  1. How does this passage describe God? What are some of the actions God is described as doing?
  2. What is Habakkuk's response to this 'report' of God's work? What does he feel in response to hearing these things? (v. 2, 16)
  3. What is Habakkuk’s prayer in light of this? (v.2)
  4. What does Habakkuk say he will wait for?


  1. What is your initial response to this description of the Lord?
  2. How should the power and destruction God carries out shape the way we think about him? How should it inform the way we pray and live?

Read Habakkuk 3:17-19

  1. Summarize Habakkuk’s conclusion in this section.
  2. How is this different from his view of God in Hab. 1?
  3. What is not the basis of whether he will rejoice? What is the basis of his rejoicing?


  1. How do we remind ourselves that our joy should be in the Lord?
  2. Habakkuk takes strength in the midst of hardship because of promises of God that he knows are coming. What promises of the Lord encourage you?
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