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in Mark

Mark 11:12-33 - October 19th 2018

THE KING'S Judgment

Read Mark 11:12-33

  1. What is the setting of this passage?
  2. Why did Jesus curse the fig tree?
  3. Why did Jesus cleanse the temple?
    1. What OT reference is v. 17 referring to?
    2. Why did the chief priests and scribes seek to destroy him after hearing this? 
    3. In cleansing the temple, was his intention one of reformation or judgement?
  4. How are the two accounts (Mk 11:12-14 and Mk 11:15-29) connected?
  5. What are the lessons Jesus teaches from the withered fig tree? (Mk 11:20-25)
  6. What are some repeated words in Mk 11:27-33?
  7. What is the source of Jesus' authority, why don't the Pharisees understand this? (Read Mk 1:11 and Mk 9:7)
  8. Why wouldn't the Pharisees answer Jesus' question? (Mk 11:31-32)


    1. What do we learn about the consequence for fruitlessness?
    2. What do we learn about how we should pray?
    3. What do we learn about the authority of Jesus?
    4. Pray for members of the church to bear the fruit that comes from faith in Christ. 
    in Mark

    Mark 10:46-11:11 - October 12th 2018

    THE KING'S Welcome

    Read Mark 10:46-11:11 

    (Mark 10:46-52)

    1. What is the setting of the passage?
    2. What is the name of the man who cries out to Jesus? (Mk 10:46)
      1. What does Mark tell us about the man?
      2. What does the man call Jesus?
    3. How does Jesus' response to the man in v. 49-52 reinforce his teaching from Mk 10:45?
      1. What was the result of the man's encounter with Jesus?
    4. How does the man's cry, Jesus Son of David, prepare the way for his triumphal entry in Mk 11:1-11?

    (Mark 11:1-11)

    1. What is the setting of this passage? Where is Jesus and why is it important?
    2. Why is the arrival of Jesus on a colt significant?
    3. Why do the crowds shout "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"? 


    1. What do we learn about Jesus' identity?
    2. What do we learn about Jesus' mission?
    3. What do we learn about faith in Christ?
    4. What does Jesus' foretelling of his death tell us about his obedience to the Father?
    5. Pray for us, and for those gathering with us who aren't Christians, to see Jesus rightly.
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