Sermon Bible Study Guides

in Haggai

Haggai - November 30, 2018

Consider your ways

Read Haggai 1

  1. Who was Haggai?
  2. What was his message to God's people? (Hag 1:1–11)
    1. What did he ask them to build?
      1. Why does he ask them to build it? (Hag 1:7–8)
    2. Why hadn't they built it yet? (Hag 1:4, 9)
  3. How do the people respond? (Hag 1:12–15)

Read Haggai 2 

  1. What does God call the people to do in Hag 2:1–9?
    1. What promises does God make to his people in these verses?
  2. What analogy does Haggai use for God's people in Hag 2:10–19?
    1. What does this analogy say about the people's relationship with God? 
      1. Before restoration of the temple began did the people repent?
      2. After the restoration began what does God promise?
  3. What is Haggai told to tell Zerubbabel in Hag 2:20–23?
    1. What is depicted in Hag 2:21–22?


  1. What was wrong with the people's priorities in Hag 1:1–11?
    1. How can we get distracted in our priorities?
  2. Why is it important to respond quickly when God calls you to repentance?
  3. What do we learn about God's sovereignty from the book of Haggai?
  4. How does Haggai encourage God's people to pursue holiness?

Obadiah – November 23, 2018

JUDGMENT and Salvation

Read Obadiah

  1. Whose vision is this? Who is it concerning?
    1. Who is Edom? (Read Gen 25:21–26, 30)
    2. Can you think of any other prophets that speak to/about unbelieving nations?
  2. What will happen to Edom? (Obadiah 8–9)
    1. Did Edom expect this to happen? (Obadiah 3–4) Why or why not?
  3. What does v. 10–14 describe?
    1. What are the consequences of Edom's actions?
  4. What does it mean to be an exile (v. 20)?
  5. What will happen to the house of Jacob?
  6. What future promises are made by Obadiah to God's people? (v. 21)
  7. What are themes you see in the book?


  1. What does this book tell us about God's sovereignty?
    1. Have you ever wondered if God is indifferent to evil? How does the book of Obadiah answer this question?
  2. What will happen to God's enemies on the Day of the LORD?
  3. What will happen to God's people on the Day of the LORD?
    1. Why should Christians in persecution be comforted by the judgment of God's enemies?

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