Sermon Bible Study Guides

in Mark

Mark 12:1–12 - December 7, 2017

Parable of the Murderous Tenants


  1. What is a parable and why did Jesus use them?
  2. Who was Jesus telling this parable to? (Mk 11:27–33)

Read Mark 12:1-12:

  1. What was the setting of this parable?
    1. Who are the people in the parable?
  2. What happens to the man's servant when he is sent to the tenants? (v. 3)
  3. What happens to the next servant he sends? (v. 4)
  4. What happens to the beloved son he sends? (v. 7–8)
  5. What will the owner of the vineyard do to the tenants? (v. 9)
  6. How did the hearers respond to Jesus' parable? (v. 12)
  7. How were God's prophets treated by God's people in the Old Testament?
    1. List a few examples


  1. What does this parable tell us about God's kindness and patience? 
  2. If Jesus was mistreated and eventually killed, what do we learn about the cost of discipleship from this passage?
  3. What sin fueled the mistreatment of God's people and eventually the Son of God?
    1. How are we in danger of committing this sin today?
  4. What does this parable tell us about God's sure triumph against his enemies?
    1. How can you encourage unbelievers to choose Christ and life in him?
in Haggai

Haggai - November 30, 2018

Consider your ways

Read Haggai 1

  1. Who was Haggai?
  2. What was his message to God's people? (Hag 1:1–11)
    1. What did he ask them to build?
      1. Why does he ask them to build it? (Hag 1:7–8)
    2. Why hadn't they built it yet? (Hag 1:4, 9)
  3. How do the people respond? (Hag 1:12–15)

Read Haggai 2 

  1. What does God call the people to do in Hag 2:1–9?
    1. What promises does God make to his people in these verses?
  2. What analogy does Haggai use for God's people in Hag 2:10–19?
    1. What does this analogy say about the people's relationship with God? 
      1. Before restoration of the temple began did the people repent?
      2. After the restoration began what does God promise?
  3. What is Haggai told to tell Zerubbabel in Hag 2:20–23?
    1. What is depicted in Hag 2:21–22?


  1. What was wrong with the people's priorities in Hag 1:1–11?
    1. How can we get distracted in our priorities?
  2. Why is it important to respond quickly when God calls you to repentance?
  3. What do we learn about God's sovereignty from the book of Haggai?
  4. How does Haggai encourage God's people to pursue holiness?

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