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in Acts

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Acts 21:1-16 - 3rd September 2021

What does it say?

  1. Read Acts 21:1-6 (It may help you to read the previous chapter or two to catch up on what's been happening).
  2. What locations or settings are mentioned?
  3. Who is "we" in verse 21, 22, etc.?
  4. What other characters are mentioned? How are they described?
  5. What are repeated words/phrases?
  6. What problem arises in this narrative?

What does it mean?

  1.  In verse 4, what do you think it means that "through the Spirit" they told Paul not to go to Jerusalem?
  2. Where else do we see Agabus in Acts? What was he doing? (see 11:28)
  3. Something about the prophecies from the disciples and Agabus was wrong because we also see the Spirit guiding Paul to go to Jerusalem (v. 14).
    1. Are these contradictions? How can we make sense of this?
    2. Is it possible that there is simply a mistake in the interpretation of the prophecy? 
    3. Does 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 help us here?
  4. Why was Paul so determined to go to Jerusalem?
    1. Do you think that Paul should have listened to the warnings?

How should it change us?

  1. We see the love between Paul and the disciples at Tyre by their solemn goodbye.
    1. Do you have deep friendships with Christians, especially in our church?
    2. How can you make your Christian friendships deeper and more meaningful?
  2. Do you think the gift of prophecy continues to today? 
    1. Are your convictions based on experience, scripture, or something else?
  3. How do you see God's Spirit working in your life? (perhaps to convict, comfort, help, or guide you)
  4. How can we grow in our zeal for the Lord's will to be done, like Paul and the disciples in verses 13-14?