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in Acts

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Acts 6:1–7 - 2nd January, 2021

What does it say?

  1. Read Acts 6:1–7
  2. Who is mentioned in this passage?
  3. What are the repeated words/phrases?
  4. What are some connecting words? (e.g. for/because/therefore/but)
  5. What complaint is mentioned in v. 1?
  6. How do the apostles deal with the complaint in vv. 2–4?

What does it mean?

  1. What are differences between Hellenists and Hebrews?
  2. What is 'the daily distribution' in v. 1?
  3. Why did the apostles want to prioritize preaching and praying in v. 2?
  4. What qualifications did the apostles give for who the church as to choose in v. 3?
  5. What can we learn about the roles of elders and deacons from this passage?
  6. How is this passage grounded in the gospel?
  7. What is the main point of this passage?

How should it change us?

  1. How can our differences in the church be opportunities for tension and disunity? How do we guard against this?
  2. Pray for our deacons to serve well for the unity of the church.
  3. Pray for the ministry of the word at Covenant Hope Church to be prioritized.
  4. How are you seeking to serve those different from you?