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Genesis 9:18-11:9 - August 17th 2018

The Birth of the Nations

Read Genesis 9:18-10:32

  1. What does this section begin by stating? How is that statement explained by the end of this section (chapter 10)?
  2. What happens in between these two descriptions of descendants?
  3. What do Noah’s actions reflect/imitate? (Compare with Genesis 3).
  4. How do Noah’s sons respond to his failure? What is the consequence of their reactions?
  5. Why is this story inserted in the middle of the discussion of their descendants? What does it have to do with those facts?


  1. What warning do learn from Noah’s actions?
  2. Jepheth and Shem are careful to care for their father in his sin, while still honoring him. How could we learn from their example? What would it look like for you to honor someone rightly who has fallen into sin?
  3. Why is the genealogy in chapter 10 important?

Read Genesis 11:1-9

  1. What is the situation in the beginning of this section? What decision does it lead to people making?
  2. Why are their efforts bad?
  3. How does God respond? What does he create?
  4. What is the effect of God’s response?
  5. How does this passage relate to the first section?


  1. The Lord’s judgment on the nations protects them from further sins. What other examples can you think of where God’s judgment keeps us from further danger?
  2. In what ways are you tempted to seek to make a name for yourself? Is that always wrong?
  3. Read Acts 2. What does this teach us about the promises that are for God’s new covenant people?
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Psalm 121 - August 10th 2018

Where Does Our Help Come From?

Read Psalm 121:

  1. What question does the psalmist start with? What does it mean that he lifts his eyes to the hills?
  2. What is the answer he provides to his own question?
  3. What reasons does he give for why the Lord is his help?
  4. There are several different metaphors or word pictures to describe the Lord. Consider each one--what do those different pictures communicate about God?
  5. Can you summarize the general promise this psalm states?


  1. What does it practically look like to look to the Lord for help?
  2. How should this shape the way you live? What would look differently, if you were able to live according to this promise all the time?
  3. How should we think about the promise that God will keep you from all evil? Does this mean that Christians cannot sin? What does it mean, and how should we live in response to that promise?

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