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Mark 2:13-3:6 - October 27th 2017

What was the purposes of the Law?

Read Mark 2:13-22

  1. What do the scribes of the Pharisees question about Jesus? Why is that question concerning to them?
  2. How does Jesus answer? What does his answer show about his ministry?
  3. How does the Pharisees’ question about Jesus eating with tax collectors and sinners reflect possible concerns the reader could have about Jesus calling Levi to follow him?
  4. What difference is there in the next story about Jesus’ disciples and those of John and the Pharisees? Why is their lack of fasting concerning?
  5. How does Jesus explain why his disciples aren’t fasting? How do verses 21-22 relate to the first part of his explanation?
  6. What do these two stories have in common?


  1. How should Jesus’ teaching inform the way we think about ourselves as his disciples? How we treat those who want to follow him?
  2. How should Jesus’ teaching inform the way we think about fasting?


Read Mark 2:23-3:6

  1. What were Jesus disciples doing that the Pharisees objected to?
  2. Jesus uses a story from the life of King David when he was fleeing Saul (1 Sam. 21). What is the point he makes from this story?
  3. What did Jesus do in the synagogue that people objected to? Why did they object to it?
  4. How does Jesus respond to this objection?
  5. What do these two stories have in common?
  6. What is Jesus teaching about the Sabbath?
  7. Pulling all four stories together, what stands out about the Pharisees’ understanding of the Old Testament Law (the way it taught about sinfulness, fasting, and the Sabbath)? What stands out about Jesus’ view of it?
  8. Why can Jesus speak in the way he does?


  1. What principle from Jesus’ behavior in all these situations can we apply to our lives?
  2. What does this passage teach about how we should view other people?
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Mark 1:16-39 - October 13th 2017

He Taught as One Who Had Authority

Read Mark 1:16-39

  1. What stands out about Jesus in this passage?
  2. How does Jesus address the disciples and what is their response?
  3. How do the people in the synagogue respond to Jesus? Why do they respond that way?
  4. How do the demons/unclean spirits respond to Jesus?
  5. What does Jesus do to sick people?
  6. What is the result of his healing people?
    A. How does Jesus respond to this?



  1. What does the way people (and demons) respond to Jesus teach us about who Jesus is? What does he have?
    1. How should that affect the way we think of Jesus?
  2. What is most important to Jesus in his ministry? How should that affect our priorities as Christians? As a church?
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