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1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 - May 18th 2018

Sharing the Gospel & our lives

Read 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12

  1. What circumstances did Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy find themselves in through sharing the gospel?
    1. Why?
    2. What about the gospel would lead to these kinds of reactions?
    3. Does that mean the gospel is flawed/wrong?
  2. Why did they keep going if they were seeing this kind of response?
  3. What are their motives for preaching the gospel? What are not?
  4. What characterized the manner or way in which they shared the gospel?
  5. What else did they share with the Thessalonians and why?
  6. What kind of demands could they have made? What did they do instead?
  7. What did they exhort or encourage the Thessalonians to do? What does that mean/look like? 


  1. Are you sharing the gospel with others? How are they responding? What keeps you going? According to this passage what should?
  2. How are you sharing the gospel? (Consider actually how you do it, and what are your motives/character)
  3. Who are you sharing "your own selves"? How would you define what that means?
  4. How can we cultivate:
    1. endurance in suffering/being treated shamefully/conflict as a result of sharing the gospel?
    2. this kind of parental love/affection for others?
    3. this kind of attitude and boldness in sharing the gospel?
    4. walking in a manner worthy of God?

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 - May 11th 2018

The Power of the Gospel

Read 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

  1. Who is writing? Who are they writing to?
  2. What does the author start the letter by telling them?
  3. What are the reasons for this thanksgiving? Where do these reasons come from?
  4. How do the authors speak about their on ministry?
  5. What has been the consequence of the Thessalonians’ behavior?
  6. What is the reputation of the Thessalonians among other churches?
    1. Who does leave the focus on?


  1. What is the overall theme or focus of this passage?
  2. What qualities does Paul celebrate in the Thessalonians? How might you grow in these same kinds of qualities?
  3. How could we as a church grow in having the kind of reputation that the Thessalonians had?
  4. Why is waiting an important part of the Thessalonians’ reputation? Waiting for what? Would others notice that about your posture in life?
  5. How does this passage relate to the gospel?