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Psalm 1 - November 17th, 2017

The Way of the Righteous and the Wicked

Read Psalm 1

v. 1-2

  1. What two ways of living are contrasted? (think about how they are described as well as what they do)
  2. What are the verbs are used to describe these two ways of living and what is the significance?

v. 3-4

  1. What do the similes (things he compares them to) illustrate about the blessed man and the wicked?
    1. Discuss each part carefully, then consider the big picture.

v. 5-6

  1. What is the outcome of the two ways of living and why?

Whole Psalm

  1. Summarize the teaching about the blessed man’s life.
  2. Summarize the teaching about the wicked man’s life.



  1. What do you delight in and meditate on? (what captures a lot of your thought life?)
  2. What guides and leads your life? (how do you make decisions?)
  3. How does someone grow in delighting in God’s word? How can we help each other to do so? What does it mean to meditate on God’s word? Do you do that?
  4. How does Christ fulfill Psalm 1?

Psalm 119:1-24 - August 18th 2017

How should we respond to God’s Word?

Read Psalm 119:1-24:

  1. Who does the psalmist address in the psalm?
  2. What actions does this portion of Psalm 119 encourage in relation to God’s Word? (discuss all these different actions, what they mean, and how they overlap/differ)
  3. In light of this passage how should we feel about God’s Word?
  4. What role does the psalmist have in living according to God’s Word? (what’s our responsibility?)
  5. What does the psalmist ask God to do? (what’s God’s responsibility?)
  6. What is the result of faithfully engaging with and keeping God’s Word? What is the result of not doing so?


  1. How does this psalm change your view of God’s Word/Instructions?
  2. What if we don’t feel this way about our Bibles? What can we do? How can we encourage one another?
  3. What have been some tools or disciplines which have helped you engage with God’s Word and see it’s effects in your life?
  4. What is the purpose of studying God’s Word? What is the desired goal?
  5. How does this passage fit into the overarching storyline of the Bible and it's message concerning Christ?