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Ephesians 1 - October 26th 2018

Union with Christ

Read Ephesians 1

  1. Who wrote the book? Who was it written to?
    1. What does the author tell us about himself?
  2. What are some repeated words/phrases you see in the passage?
  3. What does it mean to be in Christ?
    1. Where do you see this in the text?
  4. How does Eph 1:4-11 describe the ways we are blessed in Christ?
  5. What does Paul teach about when Christ chose us? (v. 4)
  6. What is the reason Paul gives for our predestination? (v. 5–6)
  7. Why does Paul "not cease to give thanks" for the believers?
  8. What does Paul pray for them? (v. 17–23)


  1. List the ways you can praise God for the spiritual blessings he's provided in Christ.
  2. How can you know of you are in Christ
  3. What are ways you see evidence of God's grace in members of the church?
  4. Pray Eph 1:17–23 for the members of the church.