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Exodus 32–34 - March 29th, 2019

Worshipping a holy god


  1. What major event in Israel's history preceded Exodus 32? 
  2. Where had Moses gone before Exodus 32?

Read Exodus 32–34

  1. What did the people ask Aaron to do for them while Moses was gone? (Ex 32:1)
    1. What was Aaron's response? (Ex 32:2–6)
  2. How did God respond when the people did this? (Ex 32:7–10)
  3. How did Moses respond when he saw the people? (Ex 32:19–20)
    1. When Moses asked Aaron about what happened, how did Aaron respond? (Ex 32:21–24)
  4. After Moses responds to the golden calf incident, what does the LORD tell Moses? (Ex 33:1–3)
    1. Does he retract his promise of land to the people?
    2. Why does he decide not to go with them? (Ex 33:3)
    3. How did the people respond when they heard this? (Ex 33:4–6)
  5. Moses intercedes for God's people at the tent of meeting and makes new tablets of stone. Why does God have mercy on this "stiff-necked" people? (Ex 34:6–7)
    1. What happens to the covenant God made with his people? (Ex 34:10–28)

    Application Questions

    1. What do we learn about who man is?
    2. What do we learn about who God is?
    3. What do we learn about how we should worship God?
    4. How do we see the message of the gospel in this passage?
    5. Sing together of God's grace in Christ Jesus: "Come Ye Sinners".
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