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Joel 2:18-32 – November 9, 2018

THE lord will pour out his spirit

Read Joel 2:18-32

  1. How does Joel 2:18 describe the LORD?
  2. What are some phrases/themes in this passage that are also in Joel 1–2:17?
    1. What is different about these phrases?
  3. In Joel 2:18–26, what is the reason the LORD turns from judgment?
  4. What are the promises the LORD makes to his people in this passage?
    1. In what ways does the LORD promise to be with his people in this passage? (e.g. Joel 2:28–29)


  1. What are some New Testament passages that quote this passage?
    1. How do the New Testament authors interpret it?
  2. What does this passage tell us about the character of God?
  3. How can we praise God from this passage?
  4. Pray for members of the church based on Joel 2:18–32.
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