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Joel 3 – November 16, 2018

THE LORD's Just Judgment

Read Joel 3

  1. What will happen to Judah and Jerusalem? (v. 1)
  2. What will happen to the nations? (v. 2)
    1. Why will God do this to the nations?
  3. How had the nations sinned against God's people? (Look at Joel 3:2–8)
  4. What does God call the nations to do in Joel 3:9–12? 
    1. What will God do in response to the nations? (v. 16)
  5. Summarize Joel 3:1–16 in one sentence.
  6. What will happen to Judah? (Look at Joel 3:17–21)
  7. Why is the judgment of the nations reason to praise God?


  1. Does God have enemies? Who are they in this passage?
    1. How can someone who is an enemy of God become a friend?
  2. Why are many people uncomfortable reading about God's judgment?
    1. What does God's response to the nations tell us about the consequences of sin?
      1. According to Joel, will God leave the guilty unpunished?
    2. Who can endure the Day of the LORD?