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Psalm 125 - 6th August 2021

What does it say?

  1. Read Psalm 125.
  2. What moods or emotions does the psalmist express? (look for emotional words or punctuation)
  3. What imagery does the psalmist use?
  4. Do you see any similarities between this Psalm and the previous Songs of Ascent? (Psalm 120, 121, 122, 123, 124)
  5. Are there repeated words or ideas?
  6. What connecting words do you see?  (therefore, yet, however, likewise, so then, then, because, for, but, etc.)

What does it mean?

  1. Why does the psalmist compare the Lord to a mountain--specifically Mount Zion?
  2. The Lord protects his people from enemies (v. 2) and from wickedness (v. 3)
    1. Why does He do this?
    2. In the story of the Old Testament, does Israel "stretch out their hands to do wrong"?
    3. How would instilling this ideal (that wickedness will not rest on the land forever) be a comfort to Israelites living in exile?
  3. How are verses 1-3 different from verses 4 and 5?
  4. What do verses 4 and 5 teach us about God? How does might this give encouragement to Israelites in exile?
  5. Is there anything in this passage that points to or foreshadows truths of the gospel? (Remember there might be many answers to this question: does it mirror Jesus in any way? Anything pointing to sin, judgment, salvation, God's love, etc.?)

How should it change us?

  1. God's protection of His people is linked to their trust in Him (v. 1).
    1. What does this mean for those who have trusted in Christ Jesus for new life?
    2. What about those who have not trusted in him?
  2. God will not allow the unrighteous to rule over his people forever. How does this truth affect Christian prayer?
  3. How does the good news of Jesus motivate us to "do good"? How can you do good to others this week, and especially to those who are in the church? (Galatians 6:9-10)
  4. What are some ways that we might be tempted to "turn aside" to our own "crooked ways"? How can we resist those temptations?