Sermon Bible Study Guides

in Mark

Mark 15:42–16:8 - March 22nd, 2019

an Empty tomb

Read Mark 15:42–47

  1. Who asked Pilate for the body of Jesus? (v. 42–43)
    1. Who was he and why did he ask for the body?
  2. Why was Pilate surprised? (v. 44–45)
  3. What did the man do with the body? (v. 46)
    1. What was laid against the entrance of the tomb?
    2. Who saw where Jesus' body was laid? (v. 47)

Read Mark 16:1–8

  1. Who went to anoint Jesus' body? (v. 1)
    1. When did they go to the tomb? (v. 1–2)
  2. What was their concern as they went to the tomb? (v. 3)
    1. What happened to their concern? (v. 4)
  3. Who was inside the tomb when they entered? (v. 5)
    1. How is he described by Mark? 
    2. What was their response to him?
  4. What did the man say to them about Jesus? (v. 6–7)
    1. How did they respond to this man's instructions? (v. 8)

Application Questions

  1. What do we learn about who Jesus is?
  2. Why is it significant that Jesus actually died on the cross?
  3. How is Jesus' resurrection different from that of Jairus's daughter in Mark 5:35–43? 
  4. How does the resurrection give us hope?
  5. Remind one another of our resurrected Savior by singing: "See What a Morning".