Sermon Bible Study Guides

in Acts

Acts 9:32–10:48 - 30th January, 2021

What does it say?

  1. Read each section and answer the following  questions: (sections: Acts 9:32–43, Acts 10:1–8, Acts 10:9–29, Acts 10:30–43, Acts 10:44–48)
    1. Who is mentioned and how are they described?
    2. What happens and how does it happen?
    3. What is the result?
    4. What speech is included?
      1. Who speaks?
      2. What commands are given?
      3. How do they respond?
    5. What do the characters say about what happens?

What does it mean?

  1. What do you think is the purpose of Peter's healing ministry?
  2. What is significant about Cornelius?
  3. What does Peter's vision of the sheet and animals teach him?
    1. What does it mean for something to be "common or unclean"?
    2. Why did he need to see it so many times?
    3. How does this help us understand the purpose of the Old Testament food laws?
  4. How does this help us understand the amazement of 10:44–48?
  5. How would you summarize the message of this passage?
  6. What conclusions does Peter draw from all that happened?
  7. How does God make clean what was considered unclean?

How should it change us?

  1. Who is "unclean" and therefore "unworthy" or "unable" to receive the gospel in your mind? (Repent of your prejudices)
  2. How can we as a church celebrate and promote unity in diversity? What would it look like for this aspect of the gospel to grow in our community?
  3. What do the examples of Peter and Cornelius teach us about God's sovereignty in our personal evangelism? What might we learn as we seek to share the gospel with others?