Sermon Bible Study Guides

Psalm 32 - July 27th 2018

Blessed are the Forgiven

Read Psalm 32:

  1. Who does David say is blessed (1-2)?
  2. What situation does he describe himself in? What is the cause of his anguish (3-4)?
  3. What led to his relief (5)?
  4. What application does David give in light of this relief (6-7)?
  5. What are his concluding instructions?
    1. What should we not be like? What does that mean?
  6. What two situations are contrasted at the end? How does this conclusion relate to the point of the psalm?


  1. What does this psalm teach us about confessing our sins? Have you experienced this to be true?
  2. What definition of godliness does this psalm provide?
  3. How does sin relate to godliness in this passage?
  4. How should this affect the way we live together as Christians?
  5. How should we respond when other Christians confess sin and genuinely repent from it?
in Mark

Mark 1:40-2:12 - October 20th 2017

Who can forgive sins but God alone?

Read Mark 1:40-2:12

  1. What is leprosy and how would that impact someone; socially, culturally, religiously?
  2. What does he ask Jesus to do, how does Jesus heal him, and why is it surprising?
  3. How does the man respond to Jesus and what impact does that have on Jesus  and his ministry?
  4. What was Jesus doing in Capernaum?
  5. Who is brought to Jesus and how? What does this demonstrate?
  6. What does Jesus see? What does he say?
  7. How do the scribes feel about it and why?
  8. What does Jesus want everyone to know?
  9. Compare and contrast the two healings and the two responses.


  1. What do Jesus miraculous healings reveal about his identity and his mission?
  2. What can we learn from all the individuals about how to respond, and how not to respond to Jesus? (consider those healed, those with them, the crowds, the scribes, etc.)