Sermon Bible Study Guides

Genesis 8:1-19 - June 8th 2018

Waiting for our rescue

Read Genesis 8:1-19

  1. What did God do and why?
    1. What does it mean that "God remembered"? Had he forgotten about Noah? 
  2. How long had the waters been on the earth? How much longer does Noah wait?
    1. What does that tell you about God and his plans?
  3. What does God command Noah to do? 
    1. What does this language remind you of?
  4. How does Noah respond?


  1. What do we learn about God in this passage?
    1. Which promises of God are kept through this passage?
    2. Which promises of God are preserved through this passage? (Which have not yet been kept?)
  2. What do we learn about man in this passage?
    1. What can we learn from Noah about:
      1. our role in God's plan.
      2. waiting on the Lord.
      3. listening to the Lord.
  3. How does the story of Noah fit into the over arching story of the Bible? (What does it point forward to? What does this particular passage preview?)