Sermon Bible Study Guides

in 1 John

1 John 2:1–6 - April 5th, 2019

fellowship with christ

Read 1 John 2:1–6

  1. Why is John writing to them? (v. 1)
    1. What happens if someone sins? Who is our advocate? (v. 1)
  2. What does John tell us about Jesus Christ? (v. 1–2)
    1. What does 'propitiation' mean? (v. 2)
  3. How do we know if we know Jesus Christ? (v. 3)
  4. What does John say about those who say they know Jesus Christ but don't keep his commandments? (v. 4)
  5. Who is the love of God perfected in? (v. 5)
  6. How can we know we are in Jesus Christ? (v. 6)

Application Questions

  1. What do we learn about who man is?
  2. What do we learn about who God is?
  3. What do we learn about the connection between obedience and knowing God?
  4. How can we spur one another on in obedience?
  5. How does daily Scripture reading help us obey God?
  6. Sing together of God's love in Christ Jesus: "Behold the Lamb".