Sermon Bible Study Guides

in John

John 4:1-42 - 10th April 2022

What does it say?

  1. Read John 4:1-42
  2. Do you see any repeated words or ideas?
  3. What are the locations mentioned in this passage?
  4. What was Jesus' physical condition in verse 6?
  5. Why does the author say that the woman was surprised Jesus was talking to her? (John 4:9)
  6. What titles (or names) are given to Jesus in these verses?

What does it mean?

  1. Samaritans were hated by the Jews because long before in their history, some Jews intermarried with Gentiles (non-Jews). This group of half-Jews became known as Samaritans. They wanted full rights to the temple and claimed the same God, but the ‘pure-bred’ Jews despised them.
    1. What other prejudices did Jesus have to overcome in order to help this woman?
    2. What do you think compelled Jesus to speak with her?
  2. What is special about the water that Jesus offers this woman?
    1. Read Jeremiah 2:13 and John 7:37-39.
    2. Do these passages help you understand what Jesus means by "living water"? How so?
  3. The woman changes the subject in verse 19 to ask about where people ought to worship 
    1. Why do you think she asks this question?
    2. What do you think it means to “worship the Father in Spirit and Truth”?
    3. When will that time come?
  4. Jesus makes another analogy in verses 34-38. 
    1. What does it mean that doing Gods will is like food for Jesus?
    2. What do you think it mean to “reap” or “labor”?

How should it change us?

  1. Thinking about Jeremiah 2:13 and the "broken cisterns" or "empty wells" that it talks about.
    1. What are some ways that people today try to fill the emptiness in their lives? 
    2. How can Jesus’ “Living Water” satisfy some (or all) of these needs?
    3. Confess with someone one way that you’ve failed to seek Jesus for “living water” this week, and then pray together.
  2. Just like Jesus, we get weary from different things in our lives (v. 6). 
    1. In the past, how have you seen God sustain you through your tiredness or through weary seasons of life?
    2. What could it look like to make his will & work your “food”?
    3. Why is this kind of work worth it?
  3. Pray in light of this passage and about any applications you have made
  4. Sing What a Friend We Have in Jesus to God and to one another.
Some questions are adapted from InterVarsity Bible study, Jesus Satisfies.