Sermon Bible Study Guides

Psalm 124 - 30th July 2021

What does it say?

  1. Read Psalm 124
  2. What moods or emotions does the psalmist express?
  3. Do you see any similarities between this Psalm and the previous Songs of Ascent? (Psalm 120, 121, 122, 123)
  4. Are there repeated words or ideas?
  5. What connecting words do you see?  (therefore, yet, however, likewise, so then, then, because, for, etc.)

What does it mean?

  1. Why do you think the Psalmist repeats himself in verse 2? ("if it had not been the Lord who was on our side...")
  2. What does the imagery in verses 3-7 tell you about how the Psalmist views their enemies?
    1. What enemies might the Psalmist be talking about? (Remember that this was written originally for Jews hundreds of years before Jesus came).
  3. Many Bibles add spaces between lines of the Psalms to help show stanzas in the poetry.
    1. How are verses 1-5 different or similar to verses 6-7?
    2. What about compared to verse 8?
  4. What does it mean that the Lord was on Israel's side? Is it different in any way from how the Lord is on our side today?
  5. Is there anything in this passage that points to or foreshadows truths of the gospel? (Remember there might be many answers to this question: does it mirror Jesus in any way? Anything pointing to sin, judgment, salvation, God's love, etc.?)

How should it change us?

  1. If you need help, where do you tend to look first?
    1. Why should we look ultimately to God for help?
  2. Reflect on your life before Christ and what would have happened if God had not saved you from sin and death. How does it make you feel?
  3. Do you ever feel like God is not on your side?
    1. How do you know that He is?
    2. Where can you go to in scripture? (ex. Romans 8:31-39)