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Genesis 6:1-8 - May 25th 2018

God’s Answer to Sin

Read Genesis 6:1-8

  1. What is the context of what is happening? What reference to God’s commands to man in Genesis 1 can you see?
  2. What thing happens that provokes the Lord? What is his response?
  3. Moses describes this being the time of mighty men of renown. Yet how does God judge the reputation of humanity?
  4. What does the Lord see about humanity? What is is his response?
  5. What action does God promise?
  6. What is the relationship between verse 7 and 8?


  1. What warning is there for us from this passage?
  2. How should we think about sinful thoughts, based off this passage?
  3. What is the response of your heart in hearing the action God promises in verse 7? Why do you think you respond that way?
  4. What hope is there in this passage?


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