Sermon Bible Study Guides

in Titus

Titus 1:5-9 - January 16th, 2022

What does it say?

  1. Read Titus 1:5-9
  2. Do you see any repeated words or ideas?
  3. Why did Paul leave Titus in Crete? 
  4. What other words does Paul use for "elder"?
  5. How many different qualities does Paul use to describe godly elders?
    1. Do you see any overlap between these qualifications?

What does it mean?

  1. How do you think appointing elders increases "order" in churches?
    1. Why would having multiple elders in every town be better than only having one?
  2. What do the qualities in verse 6 all have in common?
    1. Why should taking care of one's household be a qualifier for an elder? (check out 1 Tim. 3:4-5)
  3. Do you think a single person, with no wife or children, can be an elder? Why or why not?
    1. What about a married person whose children are not Christians?
    2. The phrase "his children are believers" can also be translated as "his children are faithful". How might this change your understanding of this verse?
  4. Are there qualities in verses 6-9 that should all Christians aspire to, rather than just elders?
    1. Which qualities might be specific just for elders?

How should it change us?

  1. Do you see leadership and authority as good for the church?
    1. What's one way that you can encourage or affirm the leadership or godly character from the elders at our church?
  2. Hebrews 13:7 says "remember your leaders... consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith."
    1. What are some practical ways that you can imitate the faith of the elders at our church? 
    2. Choose one or two character qualities from Titus 1:5-9 that you would like to grow in. How can you begin growing in that area today?
  3. Sing Speak O Lord to God and to one another.