Sermon Bible Study Guides

in Acts

Acts 6:8–8:3

What does it say?

  1. Read Acts 6:8–8:3
  2. Who is primarily speaking in this passage?
  3. What are the repeated words/phrases?
  4. How does Luke describe Stephen?
  5. What accusations are made against Stephen?
  6. Who does Stephen reference in his speech?
  7. What different books of the Old Testament are quoted in his speech?
  8. What is the response to Stephen's speech?

What does it mean?

  1. Why does Stephen reference different Old Testament figures? What point is he making?
  2. What new character is mentioned at the end of chapter 7, and why is he significant to Acts?
  3.  How does God use Stephen's life and ministry?
  4. How is this passage grounded in the gospel?
  5. What is the main point of this passage?

How should it change us?

  1. What can we learn from Stephen's preaching of the gospel?
  2. What fears do you have in preaching the gospel and calling sinners to repent?
  3. How are you encouraging others to be faithful despite persecution?
in 1 John

1 John 1:5-10 - February 15, 2019

God is light 

Read 1 John 1:5–10

  1. Who did John hear this message he proclaims from?
  2. What is a summary of this message?
    1. What does the message mean?
  3. What does verse 6 mean?
    1. How does Jesus’ blood cleanse us?
    2. Who is the ‘him’?
    3. Who might this verse describe? How would we know?
  4. How does v. 7 contrast with the previous verse?
  5. Explain verse 8 in your own words.
    1. How can one be cleansed from all their unrighteousness?


  6. Compare verse 8 and 10, what differences are there?

Application Questions

  1. What does it mean to walk in darkness?
  2. What does it mean to walk in the light?
    1. What does it not mean? Do Christians never sin?
  3. Does this describe your life?
    1. How can you help other Christians in the church?
      1. What are you doing now towards this purpose and goal?