Sermon Bible Study Guides

in James

James 2:1–13 - 7th November, 2020

What does it say?

  1. Read James 2:1-13 
  2. Who is addressed and mentioned in the passage?
    1. How does James describe them?
  3. What questions does James ask?
  4. What commands are given?
    1. What reasons are given for the commands? What conclusions are drawn?

What does it mean?

  1. What is wrong with "making distinctions" or "showing partiality" between rich and poor? 
  2. How has "God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom" (v.5)? What does that mean?
  3. Who are the rich and the poor?
  4. What is the royal law? What is the law of liberty?
    1. What is required?
  5. How are judgment and mercy connected? Who will receive judgment without mercy according to this passage?
  6. What sections do you see in this passage? How would you summarize them? How are they connected?

How should it change us?

  1. How and to whom are you tempted to show partiality? Why?
    1. Who do you show favoritism toward, and/or who do you look down upon or avoid? (Spend time confessing and repenting of this!)
  2. How does the gospel confront the sin of partiality? How does "holding our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory" (v.1) empower us to "show no partiality"?