Sermon Bible Study Guides

in Mark

Mark 14:53–72 - March 1st, 2019

Before the council

Read Mark 14:53–72

  1. Who was Jesus taken to? (v. 53)
    1. Who followed him and in what manner did they follow? (v. 54)
  2. What evidence did the chief priests have against Jesus? (v. 55–56)
    1. What false testimony did they give? (v. 57–59)
  3. How did Jesus respond to these accusations? (v. 60–61)
  4. What was the next question the chief priest asked Jesus? (v. 61)
    1. How did Jesus respond to this question? (v. 62)
    2. What did the high priest, whole council, and guards do when he heard this response? (v. 63–65)
  5. What did the servant girl accuse Peter of? (v. 66–67)
    1. How did Peter respond? (v. 68)
    2. What's significant about the rooster crowing? (v. 68)
  6. What did the servant girl accuse Peter of a second time? (v. 69)
    1. How did Peter respond a second time? (v. 70)
  7. What did the bystanders accuse Peter of along with the servant girl? (v. 70)
    • How did Peter respond a third time? (v. 71)
    • What is significant about the rooster crowing a second time? (v. 72)
      1. How did Peter respond when he remembered this?

Application Questions

  1. What do we learn about who Jesus is from what he professes about himself?
  2. List the number of predictions by Jesus that are fulfilled in this passage.
    1. How does the fulfillment of these predictions give us assurance of what Jesus taught?
  3. Compare Jesus and Peter. How are they different in their responses to accusations?
  4. How is Jesus an example to follow in this passage?
  5. How is Peter an example to avoid in this passage?
    1. How is Peter an example to follow in this passage?
  6. Sing Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor with one another to remind each other of Christ's constancy.
in Mark

Mark 14:1-11 - January 25, 2019

THe Plot to kill Jesus

Read Mark 14:1-11

  1. Why did the chief priests and scribes seek to arrest Jesus and kill him after the feast? (v. 1–2)
    1. Based on what you know from earlier in Mark, what motivated their plot to kill Jesus?
  2. Whose house is Jesus staying at in Bethany? (v. 3)
    1. Why does Jesus associate with a leper like Simon instead of the religious leaders?
  3. What does the woman do to Jesus at the house? (v. 4–9)
    1. How much did the ointment cost?
    2. What was the response of those at the house?
    3. What was the response of Jesus?
      1. How can Jesus place himself above the poor?
  4. Who does Judas Iscariot go to after this? (v. 10–11)
    1. Why does he go to them? 
    2. What did they promise him?


  1. What can we learn from the anonymous woman about commitment to following Jesus?
    1. Money is mentioned twice in the passage, once with the woman and once with Judas. What is different about their use of money?
  2. Judas Iscariot sought to betray Jesus after following him as one of the twelve disciples. How can you guard against turning against Jesus?
    1. How does the local church help you stand firm until the end?
    2. Who are you helping see and savor Jesus Christ as the Messiah?