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Psalm 90 – 3 July, 2020

What does it say?

  1. Read Psalm 90
  2. Who wrote this psalm?
  3. What are repeated words/phrases?
  4. What are repeated ideas? 
  5. What do we learn about God?
  6. What do we learn about man?
  7. What petitions does the psalmist make?

What does it mean?

  1. What does the psalmist tell us about time according to God inv. 4?
  2. How is God contrasted with man in this psalm?
  3. How is this psalm grounded in the gospel?
  4. Summarize the passage in one sentence.

How should it change us?

  1. How does your perspective about your time on earth need to change?
  2. How can you practically learn to number your days? Why is this a good thing to do?
  3. How have you failed to trust in God with your days?
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Ecclesiastes 3–5:7 - May 3rd, 2019

A Time for Everything

Read Ecclesiastes 3–5:7

  1. List all the different seasons/times the Preacher gives in Ecclesiastes 3:1–8
    1. How would you summarize Ecclesiastes 3:1–8?
  2. What is the reason the Preacher says God's put eternity into man's heart? (3:11)
  3. What do we learn about justice in Ecclesiastes 4:1–16?
  4.  Summarize Ecclesiastes 5:1–7 in your own words
    1. What does the Preacher say about our speech?
    2. What does the Preacher say about making vows to God?

Application Questions

  1. What do the different seasons of life tell us about life under the sun?
  2. How does Ecclesiastes help us from an overly simplistic view of pain and suffering in the world?
  3. How does Ecclesiastes help us not be taken by surprise?
  4. How does the fact that judgment is certain help us walk the Christian life?
  5. What practical steps do you need to take to prevent laziness or being overly busy? 
  6. Glorify God by singing "Behold Our God" together