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Genesis 4:1-26 - April 20th 2018

When Sin Masters Man

Read Genesis 4:1-16

  1. What does Eve say when she becomes pregnant? What might this be referring back to?
  2. What is the reason for Cain’s murder of Abel?
  3. How did God respond to Cain’s actions?
  4. How does Cain respond to God’s judgment?
  5. How does God respond to Cain’s objection?


  1. What should we learn from the difference in Cain and Abel’s offerings?
  2. How can we apply the warning God gives to Cain (v6,7)?
  3. Why do you think the Lord gives Cain the mark? What does that teach us about God’s character?

Read Genesis 4:17-26

  1. What happens to Cain after he goes away?
  2. What things to Cain’s descendants accomplish?
  3. What is the meaning of Lamech’s song to his wives?
  4. At the end of the chapter, Moses goes back to an earlier point in time to point out something. What is it, and why is that important (compare with Gen. 3:15)?
  5. What does it mean that people began to ‘call on the name of the Lord’?


  1. What do we see happening to the pattern of Cain’s jealousy and hatred toward his brother?
  2. God provides another ‘offspring’ for Adam and Eve. What does this teach us about God’s character and provision? How can this apply to our lives?


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Genesis 2:4-25 -- April 6th 2018

Living as God’s Appointed Ruler

Read Genesis 2:4-17

  1. How was the earth cared for initially? What reason does Moses give as to why God cares for it this way?
  2. How does God create man?
  3. How is the Garden described in this passage? What stands out about the description the Garden?
  4. Why does God place man in the Garden?


  1. What does this teach about the responsibilities of humanity in the world?
  2. What does this teach about man’s relationship to God?
  3. How should this affect the way we view creation? Our day-to-day lives?
  4. The New Testament teaches that Jesus is a new Adam. How does this passage help explain that idea?

Read Genesis 2:18-25

  1. What statement does God make about man?
  2. What did Adam do with all the creatures of the earth? What does this say about his relationship to them?
  3. How does God create a helper fit for him?
  4. How does the man respond to the gift of the woman?
  5. What significance does Moses draw at the end of this passage?


  1. Why (according to the text) were none of the animals sufficient helpers for the man?
  2. What does it mean that the woman is provided as a helper?
  3. What does the man’s response to the woman teach us?
  4. How does this passage apply to how we think about marriage? Why is the direction of leaving the man leaving his father and mother?
  5. How does this passage apply to those who are not married?
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