Pastoral Internship

Pastoral Internship Overview

Thank you for your interest in the internship program at Covenant Hope Church (CovHope). As a congregation, we are committed to glorifying God by obeying Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations. We believe Dubai is a “crossroads” city between East, West, and Africa. And because our congregation is multinational, we believe we have a unique role in helping to train pastors to lead churches in all three regions. The internship program at CovHope is a way for us to focus time, attention, and resources on the training of future pastors of churches throughout the world.

In the CovHope internship, we seek to provide an opportunity for future pastors and church leaders to reflect on the nature of the church and pastoral ministry. As they observe a local church in practice and reflect on both the Scriptures and the writings of pastors and theologians who have thought carefully about the nature and calling of Christ’s bride, interns are able to consider what a healthy, biblical church looks like and their role within it as a shepherd.

If an internship at CovHope sounds of interest to you as a future pastor or church leader, please do not hesitate to contact us. Wherever God leads you, we pray that he will use all of us to prepare His bride for the return of the Bridegroom.

Pastoral Internship Details

Each internship batch runs from September through May.

In the Covenant Hope Church (CovHope) pastoral internship program, we simply want to uncover what day-to-day ministerial life is like and provide men, who aspire to be pastors, with healthy foundations and frameworks for the work of ministry.

How should the church be organized? Who should lead the church? Does the Bible discuss church membership? How does church polity affect the functionality of the local church? What is the character of a pastor? How do I study a passage in the Bible, rightly interpret it, and deliver a fruitful sermon? In addition to observing church life today, CovHope interns will spend much of their time engaging with great books.

Through study, reflection, conversations, training, and simply being a church member, interns will discover that we believe God’s church is a display of God’s glory (Eph. 3:1021). Interns will also consider what it means to structure a church, not according to the latest cultural methods or “whatever works,” but according to all that the Bible says a church should be.


The program consists of approximately 40-50 hours per week of study, observation, and regular involvement in the church.

Investment from the Pastoral Staff
Interns spend much of their time observing and learning from our pastoral staff and their ministry.

Reading and Writing
There are approximately 40 books and articles to read during the internship. A 2-3 page reflection paper is written on each book that engages the book and its value for pastoral ministry and serves as a basis for further discussion. Interns spend 3 hours a week discussing their papers and readings with the pastoral staff. These are Socratic discussions aiming to deepen interns’ understanding of key principles. Interns will also participate in weekly systematic theology readings and discussions.

Due to these responsibilities, applicants must have at least average proficiency in spoken and written English.

Involvement with Leaders & Members
Interns are expected to join the church, having signed the Statement of Faith and Church Covenant. They will meet regularly with different lay elders, deacons, and members to discuss pastoral ministry and church life at Covenant Hope. They are also encouraged to build discipling relationships during the course of their stay in Dubai.

Daily Life
Interns are expected to keep office hours from 8:30a – 5p during which they read, write, or attend various meetings. Sometimes after-hours work is required. They are expected to attend all public church functions and build relationships inside and outside the church, just as a normal church member with a secular job would do.


The internship is a brief season in life when an individual or family makes sacrifices in preparation for ministry. For accepted applicants from the African and Asian regions, the church provides modest housing and a stipend to cover food, transport, and simple living expenses. However, the internship program does not provide substantive financial support. Western applicants are expected to fund themselves through a non-profit organization. (More details will be provided during the application process.)


To learn more or to apply, contact [email protected].