Biographical Blessings: Spurgeon’s Successor

In God’s providence (not by design!) I happen to be reading the biography of Archibald G. Brown, Spurgeon’s Successor (Banner of Truth), which will, Lord willing, complement some of Michael’s reflections from C.H. Spurgeon’s autobiography.

Seeds of Faith Sown by Family

Brown’s maternal grandfather, Job Heath, was described as an example of “true and real God-fearing Piety.” What a way to be characterized! The turning point in his life was when he was twenty-one years old and received a letter from his mother (that’s Brown’s great-grandmother), from that point on he hosted a Friday night prayer meeting in his home because his conversion “gave him unbounded faith in the power of intercession, especially in that of parents for their children.”

Job Heath’s practice of prayer was continued by his own daughter Emma (Archibald Brown’s mother). One of her children’s earliest memories was of her praying fervently over their sickbed. Brown said of his mum, “She lived a life of prayer.” 

Though he wouldn’t become a Christian until later, here’s how his Christian heritage and upbringing impacted him, “his life before that date (his conversion) had served to prepare him for his life-calling (pastoring). An upbringing in a godly and distinguished family, and the Bible teaching he heard through his childhood and youth, all entered into what he became as a young man.”

As I reflect on my own parenting of Charlotte, I’m reminded of how significant the small acts of faithfulness are; a prayer at a bedside, a letter or word of encouragement, a habit of family devotions. Who knows how the Lord might use them in the life of those around us, perhaps especially the little ones God has entrusted to us as a church. Don’t underestimate what God might do by such small seeds of faith! 

So parents, let’s strive to be faithful in these little things. Singles, take an interest in the youth and children present in our congregation. Consider joining the kids’ ministry to teach big gospel truths to little hearts. Pray through the directory, and don’t forget to include the children, as well as praying for our parenting. Attend our upcoming Parenting Coreclass, even if you don’t have children of your own yet. And don’t forget to praise God for the ways your own parents (or perhaps other parental figures) have modeled faithfulness in your life.

Grace and peace,
Mark Donald

Mark Donald
Mark Donald