Core Classes

Core Classes are offered on Sunday mornings for church members and visitors. The purpose of these classes is to help us understand specific topics and truths about theology, history, ministry, and the Christian life.

Spring 2023

These classes meet Sunday mornings at 10 AM – 11:30 AM from February – May.
For information on where we meet, please contact us at [email protected]

A 13-week overview of Church History, from the churches in the New Testament until today, led by Mark Donald and Evan Thibodeau.

  1. Survival and Resistance: The Patient Growth of the Early Church (49-312)Audio, PDF
  2. Constantine, Councils, and Creeds (313-451)Audio, PDF
  3. Augustine and the Fall of Rome (303-430)Audio, PDF
  4. Developing Doctrine: The Rise of Scholasticism (800-1274) | Audio, PDF
  5. Doctrinal Decay and the Seeds of Reform (900-1415) | Audio, PDF
  6. Reformation Unleashed: Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli (1483- 1546)
  7. Reformation Contested: Calvin and the Council of Trent (1509-1564)
  8. The English Reformation and Puritanism (1520-1689)
  9. The Early English and American Baptists (1609-1988)
  10. Awakenings in America (1662-1875)
  11. The Modern Missions Movement (1792-1910)
  12. Rise and Response to Theological Liberalism (1799-1929)
  13. History of Christians in the UAE (1971-present)

An overview and practical guide to personal evangelism and evangelism in the life of the church.

  1. Introduction to the Course | Audio
  2. Why do we share the Great News?
  3. What is the Gospel? | Audio
  4. Sharing the Great News – Part 1 & 2 | Audio
  5. Sharing the Great News – Part 3
  6. Sharing the Great News – Part 4

Previous Core Classes

Our previous core classes are listed below. We pray they help you as you follow Jesus and make disciples.

A 10-week overview of the 39 Old Testament books, led by Michael Abraham and Mark Donald.

  1. Introduction and Overview | Audio, PDF
  2. Pentateuch 1 (Genesis, Exodus) | Audio, PDF
  3. Pentateuch 2 (Lev, Num, Deut) | Audio, PDF
  4. History 1 (Joshua, Judges & Ruth | Audio, PDF
  5. History 2 (Samuel, Kings, Chronicles) | Audio, PDF
  6. Wisdom (Job, Psalms, Prov, Eccl, Songs) | Audio, PDF
  7. Major Prophets 1 (Isaiah, Jer, Lam) | Audio, PDF
  8. Major Prophets 2 (Ezekiel, Daniel) | Audio, PDF
  9. Minor Prophets (The Twelve) | Audio, PDF
  10. History 3 (Ezra, Neh, Esther) | Audio, PDF

An overview of God’s purpose and biblical methods for parenting, led by Brian Parks and Nisin Mathew.

  1. God’s Purpose for the Family | Audio, PDF
  2. The Ministry of the Family | Audio, PDF
  3. Family Worship | Audio, PDF
  4. The Heart of Behavior | Audio, PDF
  5. Formative Discipline | Audio, PDF
  6. When You Can’t Reach the Heart | Audio, PDF
  7. The Rod of Correction | Audio, PDF
  8. Children, Technology and Social Media | Audio, PDF
  9. Parenting Panel Discussion | Audio