2023 Men’s Retreat

2023 Men’s Retreat

The theme of our 2023 Men’s Conference was “Gospel Friendships”. The three Main Session talks were given by three of our pastors, and the Breakout Sessions were led by elders and other members in the church.

PDF Conference Handout

Main Sessions:

1. Friendship in the Gospel – Brian Parks

2. Friendship in the Fight – Mark Donald

3. Hurdles to Friendship – Nisin Mathew

Small Group Questions PDF Handout

Breakout Sessions:

1. Managing Your Finances – Bryce Dzirbik & Frank Samson

2. Glorifying God in Singleness & Dating – Shanyl Philip & Ben John

3. The Gospel & Work – Josué Romualdo (with Charlie D, Evan T, & George M)

4. Read, Pray and Sing – Keshav Dewangan & Matt Zylstra